FootGolf is Here!

FootGolf as a "game" has been played since a long time ago under different names and rules all over the world but, as a "sport", has only been played since 2009. The world's governing body is the Federation for International FootGolf (, with offices in London and 20 member countries.  The FIFG's main function is to promote world-wide recognition of the sport of FootGolf as it oversees its international development and growth to ensure equitable play worldwide for all players. To reach this goal, the FIFG has established the international rules and guidelines of FootGolf under which all members agree to abide.  Any deviation of established rules must be pre-approved in writing by the FIFG. The FIFG recognizes only one member of this organization per country, with no exceptions. As of today, the world's governing body for the sport of FootGolf has 20 affiliated countries and several applications from different national organizations around the world.